Maggio's Pizza & Pasta
Maggio's Pizza & Pasta


Includes salad & bread with your choice of penne, spaghetti, cappelini, linguine, fettuccini

Marinara $15.99 Baked Ziti $17.99
Mushroom Sauce $17.99

Tomato sauce topped with melted mozzarella cheese

Meat Sauce $17.99 Sicilian Style $17.99
Fettuccini Alfredo Sauce $17.99

Meat sauce, marinara, & ricotta with mozzarella cheese

Stuffed Shells $18.99 Baked Cheese Ravioli $17.99
Aurora Brandy Blush Sauce $18.99 Lobster Ravioli $20.99
Butter & Romano Cheese $15.99 In a brandy blush sauce  
Meatballs $17.99 Shrimp Fettuccini $19.99
Sausage $17.99 Baby shrimp in marinara sauce  
Broccoli, Garlic, Oil $17.99 Clam Sauce $18.99
Spinach, Fresh Tomato $15.99 (Red or White)  
Primavera $17.99 Tortellini Della Mama $18.99
choice of Garlic & Oil or Cream Sauce   Ham & peas in cream sauce  
Puttanesca $16.99 Tortellini $17.99

sautéed onions, capers, fresh tomato,anchovies & black olives

  In meatsauce  
Gypsy Style $17.99 Penne A La Vodka $20.99

fresh tomato, mushrooms, black olives & roasted peppers in marinara sauce

  With Prosciutto in vodka sauce  
Carbonara $17.99

Eggplant Parmigiana

Bacon, cream sauce, & egg yolk   With marinara sauce topped with mozzarella cheese  
Buscayola $17.99 Chicken Parmigiana $20.99

Mushrooms in a blush sauce with fresh mozzarella cheese


With marinara sauce topped with mozzarella cheese


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Maggio's Pizza & Pasta
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